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Framework and the Innovation Union - TRANSCRIPT ONLY


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Full transcript of the live event, held on Wednesday 1 June 2011
The International Auditorium, Brussels, Belgium

In response to the economic crisis, European research programmes are shifting markedly towards activities that lead directly to more innovation by European businesses. The European Commission’s proposal for a Common Strategic Framework underlines this trend. But those at the receiving end of Framework funding query how this fresh agenda will shape the research programmes that will succeed the 7th Framework Programme. Will funding be geared towards large multinationals or small businesses? And could this lead to a marginalisation of academic interests?

To address this, Research Europe, the leading independent source of news, analysis and funding opportunities for researchers and policymakers in Europe, hosted a one-day conference to address how the existing components of the Framework programme are shifting; whether the European Research Council, which was founded under Framework 7, will expand its share of the budget; and what the future holds next for Joint Technology Initiatives, European Innovation Partnerships and other mechanisms for enhancing industrial involvement in the next phase of the programme.

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